2017 CBFF Official Selections 

 Friday March 31, 2017 Charlotte Convention Center

 Official Selections

Film: The Raven    DirectorJennifer Ryerson   Runtime: 20 mins

When young Ruby’s father returns unexpectedly from war, his volatile state makes it difficult for the family to reconnect. Ruby’s anxieties are projected onto a pair of ravens, vigilantly defending their nearby nest, who become a catalyst for the troubled family’s journey from crisis to healing.

Showtime Friday Marc 31, 2017  10:00am  

      Short_Film        Film: The Letter Carrier   Director: Jesse L Martin, Rick Cosnett   Runtime: 18 mins

An African-American teenager’s relationship with a girl changes forever after an encounter with her step-father.


Showtime Friday March 31st , 10:45 am


Film: Beyond the Silence  Director: William Michael Barbee  Runtime: 100 mins

This feature brings to the forefront the much-needed dialogue on mental illness. It’s about a man diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia and Bi-polar Disorders who finds himself on trial for a crime in which he doesn’t remember committing.

Showtime Friday, March 31st, 11:00 am

  Short _Film

Film: SALTZ   Director: Dominique McClellan   Runtime: 17 mins

SALTZ is an experimental horror narrative that intercuts footage from two different casts of actors. Frankie (Dominique McClellan and Andrew Vogel) enlists his recovering drug addict younger brother, Mike (Brian Egland & Stephen Stanley), to smuggle a load of a new designer drug into Louisiana. As Frankie struggles to keep Mike sober, Mike’s addictive drive reaches monstrous proportions.

Showtime Friday March 31st, 1:05 pm


Film: The Red Cape  Director: Nelson Oliver    Runtime: 38 mins

WILMINGTON, NC, 1898: A young black child named WILLIE and his tenacious father, MONROE, struggle to survive against the mounting white supremacy campaign led by the silver-tongued orator, ALFRED WADDELL, who seeks to disenfranchise the prosperous black community and overthrow the city’s biracial leadership. The insurrection and massacre, known as THE 1898 WILMINGTON RACE RIOT, became the only proven violent overthrow of a government in United States history.

Showtime Friday March 31st, 1:05pm

2017 CBFF Official Selections 

 Friday March 31, 2017 Charlotte Convention Center


Film: Confused By Love   DirectorCrosby Tatum     Runtime: 71 mins

A non-social author and his wife, invites his successful best friend & former ex-girlfriend to stay with them to save their home from foreclosure. 

Showtime Friday, March 31st,  2:00 pm 


Film: Reason Enough    Director: Kelly Fyffe-Marshall   Runtime: 5 mins

A young black couple (who recently found out they are pregnant) have a conversation about their fears of raising a black baby boy in this broken society. Starring Kevin Bisram and Samantha Cole.

Showtime Friday March 31, 4:00 pm


Film:  LOVE   Director: Marcellus Cox    Runtime:  14 mins

Based on A True Story About Raymond Porter from Van Nuys, California. A Young Man who captures and seeks his revenge on the murderer of his Mother.

Showtime Friday March 31st, 4:15 pm

   Short Film

Film: Exit Route     Director: Ian Aryeh    Runtime: 11 mins

After a decade at a dead end, a wide-eyed ticket stub collector must quickly learn what it takes as she battles for a life changing career opportunity.

Showtime Friday March 31st, 4:30 pm

Short Film

Film: Remnants  Director: A. Plancher   Runtime: 10 mins

An elderly successful writer struggles to reveal his dark and troubled past while suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Showtime Friday March 31 4:45 pm

2017 CBFF Official Selections 

 Friday March 31, 2017 Charlotte Convention Center

      Short Film

Film: Heterodox HDS  Director: Michaux Muanda     Runtime: 20 Mins


During her brief time in the police department, Jennifer Abelson a rookie police officer witnessed the deaths of two unarmed black boys just to result in no conviction of the officer involved. To improve police relations with African Americans, she decided to take action to put end to this practice at least in that part of the city.

Showtime Friday March 31, 5:15 pm  



Film: The Example   Director: Gordon Williams  Runtime: 24 Mins

During a race riot in Beaumont, Texas in June 1943, Officer Miller Harvey, a white police officer is determined to protect and serve his city and family.  Black business owner Carver Jefferson is hell-bent on taking his family far away from the city as racial hostility has led to the destruction of his home and business.    After curfew while Beaumont is under martial law, Harvey, another white officer and Jefferson’s worlds collide at a roadblock.  Tensions explode on that hot summer night, forcing them to make decisions that will question their morals, loyalty and manhood.

Showtime Friday March 31, 5:45 pm 



Film: What Profits A Man   Director: Tony Washington   Runtime:  15 mins

Showtime Friday, March 31, 6:15 pm 


Film: Padlock Men  Director: Lewis Powell  Runtime: 16 mins

A Dying 86 yr. old Barber Walter “Posey” Fodrell on his last day to live shares a memoir of a historically unknown secret pact between John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King & Malcolm X that sparked one of the greatest untold stories in Civil Rights history. “The Awakening” is the genesis of what would eventually become a gritty stalwart band of ‘Secret Civil Rights Soldiers’ known as the ‘PADLOCK MEN’

Showtime Friday March 31, 6:40 pm


Film: We Still Together    Director: Marquette Jade   Runtime: 5 mins

***Mature Content: Strong Language & Sexual Humor***  Byron Campbell finds himself in the dog house with his lover Peaches after getting caught watching a naughty video and loving himself.  He does the unthinkable to win back Peaches’ heart.    

Showtime Friday March 31, 7:00 pm

2016 CBFF Official Selections  

Friday March 31, 2017  Charlotte Convention Center

Feature Film   

Film: Grandma’s House Director: Jade Umbrella   Runtime: 95 mins

Based on the true story of Kimberley T. Zulkowski’s Grandmother, Margie Ree Harris. ‘Grandma’s House’ gives a compelling insight into how the Executive Producer’s life changed when she moved into her Grandmother’s home, and their generations became one under the same roof. Chock-full of passion, Faith, and Family, the Film demonstrates the trials and tribulations she faced living with a Grandparent who stood as an inner-city Matriarch and Pillar of Strength to selflessly serve her Family and surrounding community.

Showtime Friday March 31, 8:00pm


Film: Outside the House  Director: Darnell Lamont  Runtime: 58 Mins

Outside the House, simply stated, is my attempt to burn down the house where our darkest secrets are kept.     How do I tell stories that need to be told but people are afraid to tell, I asked myself.    I became vulnerable and the people began opening up, too. I needed their stories. I needed them to rip off the door of that house outside of which their mothers told them to never share their issues. I needed their stories to help others do the same.     This film is not about statistics, or science, or theories, or practices. It’s a documentary about mental health and sharing our stories so others will understand they are not alone. It’s about what’s happened to us, what will happen to our children, and breaking cycles that are killing us in dark places.   

Showtime Friday March 31, 10:00 am –  Theater II


Film: The uncomfortable Truth   Director: Loki Mulholland    Runtime:  86 mins

Loki Mulholland, the son of famous Civil Rights Activist, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, grapples with his family’s deep roots in racism as he unearth’s his family’s history and the truth behind their slave-owning past.     Together with Luvaghn Brown, a Freedom Rider and activist, Loki explores the United States’ institutions of racism that continue to haunt our country today through his very personal journal.    “The Uncomfortable Truth” is an unapologetic film that lays bare what we all need to understand about each other with an open and honest dialogue on race and society.

Showtime March 31, 11:30 am – Theater II


Film: Footprints in the Concrete  Director:  William Scales   Runtime: 39 mins

Footprints in the Concrete is a musical depiction of how a community came together to save a lost youth, trapped in a cycle of hopelessness.  Currently the President of HOPE Multimedia Company, Domingo Guyton often reverts back to his childhood as a struggle; attempting to survive in the mixed pot of drugs, misogyny and violence that Boston, MA had delved out in the late 1980’s.  Born to a single mother on welfare, Guyton went through a series of events that spun his life out of control by the age of 15.

Showtime Friday March 31, 1:30 pm

2016 CBFF Official Selections 

Friday March 31, 2017  Charlotte Convention Cente




Film: Not Black Enough   Director: Tracey Anarella   Runtime: 82 mins

  Not Black Enough is a film about class warfare and the cross-tides that African-Americans are dealing with within the black community.  The film takes a sometimes humorous, always personal, brutally honest and insightful look into a seldom-explored phenomenon that is pervasive in the black culture- The ostracizing of blacks for being Not Black Enough.  Not Black Enough, a feature-length documentary, will explore the reasons behind this practice of fear and loathing internal to the black community.

Showtime Friday March 31, 2:45 pm – Theater II




Film: Many Faces of Change DirectorJames Ancrum     Runtime: 58 Mins

his documentary is about those who have encountered struggles at an early age in life and has carried the pain of it in their adult life. They have either healed from it or still struggle to keep it suppressed just to get by day to day. We started out with 15 volunteers to tell their stories, but only 3 were brave enough to step out and tell their story to make a change for someone else. Challenges don’t care what color you are, what shape you, neither your gender. It just keeps being satisfied with the storms that it keeps brewing in people’s life.

Showtime Friday March 31, 4:15 pm – Theater II



Film: Silent Diagnosis   Director: Zachary Humphrey  Runtime: 42 mins

SILENCE, though some may say it’s Golden, there are time in ones life where SILENCE takes on a lesser value. SILENCE is often the language of the victim. It is often a prison to those who have lost their voice. This powerful documentary shows how individuals can remove the power from whatever is holding them SILENT!

Showtime Friday March 31, 5:50 pm – Theater II



Film: Colour meBlack  Director: Rodney Sutton  Runtime: 25 mins

“Colour meBlack” is part two of, “Open Legs With A Closed Mind”.  This is the film that brings the problems to the table while shedding light to topics that most African Americans are afraid to discuss and analyze in public. The goal for “Colour meBlack” is to make our community aware that the Black Man is now an endangered species and our race as a whole is headed for extinction, especially given the latest racially-related and racially-charged incidents that have occurred amongst White policeman and young, Black men. If we do nothing, then no one else will.

Showtime Saturday March, 31: 7:00pm – Theater II




Saturday April 1, 2017  CBFF Official Selections 

 Short Film

Film: The Invention Of Matthias Walden   DirectorWhitney Howard     Runtime: 23 Mins

When suspected of plagiarizing, a young man is forced to come to truths with himself when he is suddenly bombarded with familial and societal expectations.

Showtime: Saturday April 1, 2017 , 10:00 am


Film: Padlock Men   Director: LewisPowell  Runtime: 16 mins

A Dying 86 yr. old Barber Walter “Posey” Fodrell on his last day to live shares a memoir of a historically unknown secret pact between John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King & Malcolm X that sparked one of the greatest untold stories in Civil Rights history. “The Awakening” is the genesis of what would eventually become a gritty stalwart band of ‘Secret Civil Rights Soldiers’ known as the ‘PADLOCK MEN’

Showtime: Saturday April 1, 2017 , 10:30 am

     Short Film                              Film:  It’s All Good   Director:  Darryl Hutchins   Runtime: 13 mins

It’s All Good Elise Lyons is about to get married to her longtime boyfriend DeShaun Jervay. During a celebration party for DeShaun passing the bar exam, Elise receives a phone call that rocks her world and changes the course of her life forever.

Showtime: Saturday April 1, 2017,  11:00 am

Feature Film 

Film: Malicious Intent II  Director: Karim Shyllon   Runtime: 85 mins

Christina James takes over the James Law Firm after her father’s brutal murder. When an illegitimate heir arrives seeking a piece of the family fortune, tensions start running high.

Showtime: Saturday April 1, 2017 , 11:30 am

Short Film   

Film: Free Weekend     Director: Victor Jones   Runtime: 14 mins

The family is going to spend an entire weekend off the grid. No cell phones, no laptops, no video games, no nothing?

Showtime: Saturday April 1, 2017 , 1:00 pm

2017 CBFF Official Selections 

  Short Film   

Film: Thorugh It All  DirectorD’Anthony Ward   Runtime: 20 Mins

In the eyes of Terrence, a 23-year-old aspiring singer, his girlfriend Nikki can do no wrong. He makes the decision that he wants to marry her and spends his day preparing to pop the question. Throughout the day, Terrence discovers information regarding Nikki that makes him question his own level of commitment. Terrence must decide if he is willing to accept what he learns or is it too much to bear.

Showtime Saturday, April 1st 2017  1:05 pm


2017 CBFF Official Selections 

  Short Film   

Film: Cruise Control   Director: Asha Chai-Chang   Runtime: 8 Mins

Paul Blue is almost thirty-years old and doesn’t have the freedom to explore new aspects of his life. Are there truly obstacles in his way? Or is he his own road block? 00:08:10

Showtime Saturday April 1st 2017  1:20 pm



Film: C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)  

Director: Michael Singleton  Runtime: 16 mins

Michael Singleton C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) In a world filled with “internet gangsters” two young men find out the hard way that real gangsters still exist. Not interested in the number of “likes” they receive on the internet, they do what they do for the love of money. When the Currency Squad asks for a return on investment and Jamaal and Boogey can’t deliver, viewers find out why the Carolinas section of the United States is sometimes referred to as “The Dirty South.

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017, 1:40 pm

                       Short Film        

Film: Postal Film  Director: Peter McNeil  Runtime: 44 mins

Adapted from the novel series bearing the same title, Cadina Wilson, a thirty-something lady with a sketchy past, lands a position as a letter carrier at a Manhattan post office. As she realizes how physically and mentally demanding the position is, Cadina begins to learn a great deal about her fellow co-workers. The alcoholic, Freeman Souls, and his decision to cheat on his fiancee with the mysterious sexpot, Velour Patterns.

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017 2:00 pm

Short Film Film: The Call Sinner   Director: Sybil Barrett  Runtime: 19 mins

The Call Sinner While fulfilling his court-ordered community service hours in the local call center, college student CHARLIE learns what it means to be a player from TRACI the Call Sinner. But there’s more than meets the eyes of everyone working in the call center when they learn that the ultimate player used to be a woman.

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017  3:00 pm


Short Film 


Film: THUG   Director: Jayne Marie Smith  Runtime: 16 mins

This is the story media gets wrong: The story of a friend, family, and Black and Brown community fighting to honor the life of a high school track star, mistaken for a threat and mislabeled a thug. THUG is the story about how much life matters. 00:15:31

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017 3:30 pm

2017 CBFF Official Selections 

  Short Film   

Film: Beyond All  Director: Isaac Green   Runtime: 9 Mins

After being ousted from a small town police force, a former sergeant ‘Sarge’ protects his sons ‘Wesley’ and ‘Brooke’ from becoming caught up in the scandal that cost him his job by sending them away to get breakfast. They would like to follow in their father’s footsteps and become police officers but can’t because of the scandal. Sarge leaves behind his ticket book which contains clues about what whether he is truly guilty or innocent.

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017 3:45 pm



Film: Chi Nu Legacy    Director: C. Nathaniel Brown   Runtime: 85 mins

After a young co-ed accuses the school’s star athlete of sexual assault, everything about this normal semester that was filled with promise and optimism quickly turns gloomy with a plethora of uncertainties. Follow this drama into the lives of these college students and the legacy of Chi Nu Sorority Inc. What will happen to the victim? Will people believe her? What will it mean to the foundation of this sorority? What will happen to the star football player’s professional plans? 01:25:00

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017  5:15 pm


Student Films

                    Student Film

Film:  Ball is Life    Director: Terry Bluez  Runtime: 8 mins

Life Ball is the story of a young female basketball star on the verge of earning a Division I scholarship under the intense coaching of her overbearing father. But when her hoop dreams are jeopardized by an unplanned pregnancy, she must decide which is more important, Ball or Life?

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017, 10:30 pm Theater II

                      Short Film


Film: Cream  Director: Palesa Lebona   Runtime: 15 mins

A 1960’s period piece set in Oakland California centered around a 12-year-old, dark-skinned girl who is torn between her own personal identity, and seeking the love and affection from her light-skinned grandmother.

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017, 10:45 am Theater II

2017 CBFF Official Selections 

Student FilmOntime Film: On Time Director: XavierNeal-Burgin Runtime: 8 mins

Renee Johnson, a mother living in South Central LA, must make a difficult decision when she’s late for her job interview.   The script follows Renee Johnson’s larger arc through the loss of her child, juvenile dependency court, and gaining back her daughter.

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017 11:00 am Theater II


Film: Redemption Director: Patrick Durham  Runtime: 14 mins

11:15 Patrick Durham Redemption A man suffering from past guilt and demons returns to the church of his youth to unload his sickening secret and move forward in his life a better man.

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017  11:15 am Theater II

Student_Film                            Film: LIMBO  Director:  Kelli McCray  Runtime: 13 mins

Limbo is a struggling musician who falls deeply in love with one of his creations- a song he named, Melody. Melody becomes an escapism for him from his society, his financial problems, his life, and over time grows infatuated with her the more and more she appears. But he later becomes tormented by the distance placed between them, and struggles to understand the reason why he is in unable to become one with the woman he considers, the love of his life. This is a love story of a man and woman who are meant for each other, but cannot have each other. One heart, two worlds, one barrier.

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017  11:35 am Theather II

Student FilmSame_Fruit 


Film: Same Fruit, Different Tree  Director: Mansur Rashid  Runtime: 17 mins 

This story follows that of an innocent sheltered youth by the name of Trey. He has a simple life and a great relationship with his mother. Yet, his entire world is rocked when he watches a video of Eric Garner getting choked to death. Shocked by this new found discovery, Trey will never be the same.       This short takes a very symbolic approach to the issue of Police Brutality. Many of these symbols pay tribute to those who have wrongfully fallen before. This is not just a story of discovery, it is also a story of the aftermath of what’s left behind.

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017  12:00 pm Theather II



2017 CBFF Official Selections 

Student Film Film: BLACKFACE Director: Malcolm Baity  Runtime: 7 mins

After arriving late to his minstrel show performance, Paul, a black actor, gets a surprise visit from his estranged father. Though he wants to run, his acting partner Willie convinces him to stay. What happens on stage surprises, everyone.

Showtime Saturday, April 1, 2017  12:20 pm Theater II


Film: Olde E Director XavierNeal-Burgin  Runtime: 15 mins

Demarkus Jackson, a young basketball star from South Central, Los Angeles, puts his life at risk when he comes home for revenge against his abusive father.

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017  12:35 am Theater II

Web Series Trailhead_Movie_poster_TH                         Film: Trailhead  Director: David Heredi  Runtime: 29 mins

After crossing paths with two mysterious hikers, Jonas and Silva must navigate the vast expanse that separates them or face dire consequences.

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017  3:30 pm  Theater II

Web SeriesHOC_Official_Poster_Low-Res  Film: Heroes of Color  Director: KarltonClay  Runtime: 3:17 mins

An Award Winning, educational whiteboard web series celebrating the outstanding achievements of people of color from different ethnic backgrounds.KarltonClay

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017  4:10 am Theater II


2017 CBFF Official Selections 

Web Series Film: Lovers Lane  Director: Amanda Chambers  Runtime: 15 mins

 A group of friends who happen to be neighbors are in danger of having their secrets exposed after a new face takes residence in their neighborhood.

Showtime Saturday, April 1, 2017, 4:20 pm Theather II


Web Series      

Film: “Don’t Judge Me” Director: Rosalind Russell  Runtime: 11 mins

Don’t Judge MeAfter 18 years of marriage Izzie finds herself back in the rat race trying to figure things out.     Each attempt brings a series of unfortunate mishaps that land her right back to the drawing board.   But she is not a quitter.   She has a plan…and this time she is going to do it her way.

Showtime Saturday, April 1, 2017,  4:45 pm Theater II

Web Series                           Film: All That Shabaz  Director:  Shanice Williamson  Runtime: 20 mins

All That Shabaz – Season 1 All That Shabaz follows the life of Malik “Shabaz” Muhammad Muhammad, an Army vet and History teacher recently fired from his job at an Atlanta alternative school. He’s also recently lost his home, and moves back in with his ex-wife, Leah, their two sons, Wil and Malcolm, and her new husband, Josh. Of course, this is a temporary move until Melodie, Josh’s daughter with his very own ex-wife, makes a permanent move to the house.

Showtime Saturday, April 1, 2017, 5:10 pm Theather II

Web Series14731176_1500166233332340_7815007553061333281_n-2 


Film: RUN Director: Brian Marvin Runtime: 20 mins

B & Tone are two twenty-somethings trying to find their place in modern day society. After losing both their mothers, they were adopted by their Uncle, who is not willing to give them the time they need to get “back on their feet.”   Fed up with his “motivation tactics” B & Tone resort to their desperation plan to buy themselves more time. Too bad their plan not only backfires, but gets them into trouble with the law. With little to no money or family, they have to go on the run until they find a way to clear their names. RUN covers hard topics such as over-policing, stereotypes and gender roles.

Showtime Saturday, April 1, 2017 , 5:40 pm Theather II





2017 CBFF Official Selections International Films

Documentary Film: Maasai 10th Lost Tribe of Israel Director: Dante Tanikie -Montagnani Runtime: 61 mins

A group of young boys in Samburu, Kenya, undergo a series of time honoured rituals to become warriors; their, rite of passage

Showtime Friday, April 1, 2017,  7:50 pm 




Film: Blaxploitation   Director: Fred Kuwornu Runtime:60 mins

“Blaxploitalian” is a diasporic, hybrid, critical, and cosmopolitan dimension documentary that uncovers the careers of a population of entertainers seldom heard from before: Black actors in Italian cinema. BlaxploItalian cleverly discloses the personal struggles classic Afro-Italian and African diasporic actors faced, correlating it with the contemporary actors who work diligently to find respectable and significant roles. More than an unveiling of history, it is a call-to-action for increased diversity and esteem in international cinema.

Showtime Friday, April 1, 2017, 8:00 pm 



Short                        Film: HIDDEN PEARLS  Director: Vanessa Bateau  Runtime: 28 mins

This beautiful re-imagining of Shakespeare’s magical fairy tale is set modern day, under a full moon and during a Caribbean Festival in Barbados. Mystery and magic, comedy and chaos ensue when Puck the Butler and mischievous fairies tamper with the wedding plans of returning Nationals Theseus and Hippolyta, four young lovers and group of fishermen keen to perform their potentially prize-winning play.  All set within a stunning tropical paradise and with themes of mixed race relationships running through out

Showtime Saturday, April 1, 2017, 5:30 pm 





Film: “A Caribbean Dream” Director: Shakirah Bourne  Runtime: 80 mins

This beautiful re-imagining of Shakespeare’s magical fairy tale is set modern day, under a full moon and during a Caribbean Festival in Barbados. Mystery and magic, comedy and chaos ensue when Puck the Butler and mischievous fairies tamper with the wedding plans of returning Nationals Theseus and Hippolyta, four young lovers and group of fishermen keen to perform their potentially prize-winning play. All set within a stunning tropical paradise and with themes of mixed race relationships running through out ………..

Showtime Saturday April 1, 2017  6:15 pm 




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