The Scars Beneath – Short Film – Runtime: 22 mins – Theatre II

A young woman battling depression after the death of her mother and surviving a car crash. She feels anxiety is taking over her life. But with the support of a close friend and her sister. She will fight through her fears and not suffer in silence. Director: Bridgett Ladd Writers: Bridgett Ladd, Andria Chappell, Sheridan Randolph Producers: Andria […]

Two Birds and a Stone – Feature Film – Runtime: 62 mins – Theatre II

A Young teenager battles his mental health on 420, while a cop embarks on a journey of his past, that will impact the teenagers future. Director & Writer: Joshua "DreamerKid." Gay Cast: Joseph Koroma, Dequarius Jackson, Erik DiLauro, Chamar Little, Eric O'Neal, Qualia Holder-Cozart Trailer:

Thoughts Are Things – Short Film – Runtime: 11 mins – Theatre I

Librarian Joshua Turner has made it his life’s work to inspire young people in his community with the power of books. When a medical emergency sends him to the hospital, those seeds of inspiration come full circle to save his life. Director & Writer: Christopher Thomas Brown Producers: Ruth E. Carter, Stephen Gibler, Polina Gorbacheva Cast: Roger Guenveur […]

SHADES – Short Film – Runtime: 7 mins – Theatre I

The cavern of the mind can house many voices. Symphony or cacophony. Brilliance or disorder. The line often blurs. Director & Writer: Esosa Oviasu Cast: Andrew Ye, Breanna Myers, Caitlin Marks, Dainique Jones, Darien Van Rensalier, Eric Delgado, Esosa Oviasu, Jennifer Margono, Kassie Ramirez, Naomi Rodriguez, Neil Russell, Nick Kim, Rosalind Hsu Trailer:

Defining Measures – Short Film – Runtime: 20 mins – Theatre I

Rachel is torn between leaving behind her best friend or staying in a situation that will kill her. She's battling depression and trying to keep it all together as the pieces fall apart around her. Rachel is searching for the answers as she navigates through defining measures. Director, Writer, Producer: Raquel Michelle, Richardson Thomas Cast: Alicia Moore, Evelyn […]

Homecoming Ready EP.1 – Documentary – Runtime: 24 mins

There is nothing like an HBCU Homecoming! If you had to describe, it's probably the best combination of a family reunion, fashion show, concert, day party, music festival, week-long church revival (I'm talking Men's Day, Church Anniversary and Women's Auxiliary Usher Board #9 New Member's Celebration, rolled into one), oh and there is a football […]

PRAISE PARTY – Feature Film – Runtime: 107mins – Theatre II

Walden Room Next to Vendors

The movie is about a young man, Tobe. As a teenager, Tobe had mistakenly shot and killed his friend while there was a party at his parents’ residence. Unfortunately, their maid Suzy was framed for the murder and was imprisoned. After Tobe grew up, he began to act irrational. He was emotionally abusing his wife […]

Caught Up In Sorrow – Tv/Web – Runtime: 25 mins – Theatre II

GRACE doesn’t feel valued in her corporate position. However, she’s ambitious, enthusiastic & aspired to achieve in every endeavor. But does it even matter that she’s fiercely driven, if she’s also challenged by racially biased obstacles to reach that success? Having to show strength when confronted with discrimination at work, while also dealing with a […]

Red Carpet Vision Awards Theater I

HARRIS ROOM - Hilton Charlotte University Place 8629 J M Keynes Dr,, Charlotte, NC, NC, United States

  The Red Carpet Vision Awards is our version of the Oscars. This is where we award the best in film, acting, sound, and the community. Every film in every category will be recognized. We will have a  Host, Dj, and special performances.  Dress code: Black Tie and Sneakers - Saturday, July 8, 2023, at […]

After Party @Harolds Chicken & Ice Bar – Friday July 7, 2023

Get into All three After-Parties - Only $10 with any Festival Ticket Must be Prepaid,  Thursday, July 6, 2023 - Hilton Hotel  10PM - $20 without Festival Package   8629 J M Keynes Dr, Charlotte, NC 28262 Friday, July 7, 2023, Harold's Chicken & Ice Bar- 10 pm Free with Festival ticket  440 E McCullough Dr […]

Filmmakers Networking/Prayer Breakfast

HARRIS ROOM - Hilton Charlotte University Place 8629 J M Keynes Dr,, Charlotte, NC, NC, United States

We end the festival by giving thanks with our annual Filmmakers Networking/Prayer Breakfast. Order off the hotel menu or just come fellowship and exchange contact information. This event takes place in the hotel restaurant on the main floor Sunday, July 9, 2023, from 9 am to 11 am.