June 14, 2020 – June 21, 2020

Block 1 Events

Sunday June 14, 2020


No Lye: An American Beauty Story

1:00PM - 55mins

Documentary: No-Lye: An American Beauty Story chronicles the rise and decline of the black-owned ethnic beauty industry in America.


Panel Discussion:

2:00PM - 1 hour

Panel Discussion: The growth, challenges, and importance of black hair care companies.


They Say I'm Your Teacher

2:45pm - 10mins

Documentary:  Bernice Robinson, a beautician from South Carolina, was the first teacher in the Citizenship Education Schools that taught literacy in order to pass voter registration requirements in the South during the mid-1950s and 1960s. She taught adults to read and write as part of Citizenship, understanding that registering to vote and engaging people in the issues that affect their lives was a key step toward changing the system. This helped to set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.


The Correct Thing: Palmer Memorial Institute

3:00pm - 32Mins

Documentary: Bernice Robinson, a beautician from South Carolina, was the first teacher in the Citizenship Education Schools that taught literacy in order to pass voter registration requirements in the South during the mid-1950s and 1960s. She taught adults to read and write as part of Citizenship, understanding that registering to vote and engaging people in the issues that affect their lives was a key step toward changing the system. This helped to set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.



3:40pm - 20mins

Student Film: Blackbird is an aspirational tale about Sherri Jones, an African American young woman who cleans planes for a living, but dreams of being a pilot. Sherri is an imaginative, creative, and an overworked cabin cleaner who is somewhat content with life, even though she’s living paycheck to paycheck. On her 25th birthday, she is presented with an opportunity to attend aviation school. Throughout her journey, Sherri faces self-doubt and resistance; yet learns to chase her dreams, and defies the odds.



4:00PM - 30 Mins

A young physicist with a troubled past seeks to develop time travel in an attempt to fix his childhood. As he discovers his theory may be more practical than he originally expected, he must choose between repairing his own life and fixing the lives of others.


Off The Record

4:35PM - 20Mins

Black Women In Film: Small town girl Linda Harper, a 30-year-old successful news reporter. She is beautiful, determined, and zealous. No story eludes from her. Currently living out her dream life in charlotte, NC, but behind all her accomplishments and popularity she struggles to bring peace and resolution of her past. One story will challenge her to face and overcome her fears.


DeMarco Cain

5:00PM - 12Mins

A young man named DeMarco has a chance to escape the streets, but two false friends force him to make a choice that may destroy one life and end another. Always hated by his ‘friends’ for his good-guy image and intellect, he must decide what’s more important and what is worth fighting for.

5:15 PM

Smoke and Mirrors

5:15 PM - 17Mins

Short Film: Two old friends buy into a worm farming scheme and con others to achieve their aspirations. But, when they were duped out of their money the two friends turn on each other and must regain what’s important their friendship.

5:45 PM

A Rodeo Film

5:45 PM - 20Mins

Short Film: A bull rider who falls out of love with the sport must choose between his family’s legacy of rodeo and his own aspirations of life.

6:00 PM

The Big WTF

6:00 PM - 20Mins

Short Film: A young man who is a womanizer and manipulates women he meets through social media. After meeting online, the couple discovers that dating comes with several unexpected surprises and causalities at every turn.

6:25 PM

Block 1 Filmmaker Q & A

6:25 PM - 35Mins

Q &A with all the filmmakers from Block 1

7:00 PM

Opening Night Conversation

7:00 PM - 60Mins

Opening Night Conversation with Industry Professional.

8:30 PM


8:30 PM - 50Mins

Feature Film: Based on the Dearborn Heights murders, two attorneys face off in trying to decide the fate of a man, who in a fit of rage commits an unthinkable crime. Natasha Marshall, prosecution attorney, believes injustice and the death penalty, while Joe Tucker, defense attorney, thinks time served in jail can change and rehabilitate a person.

Block 2 Events

Monday June 15, 2020

12:00 PM

Judging Eyes

12:00 PM - 22mins

Black Women In Film: We’ve all done it. Looked at someone and formed an opinion. How often have we formed a negative sentiment based on how a person looks? How often have we thought about how that person came to be where they are? Remember: everyone has a story.

12:30 PM


12:30 PM - 12mins

Short Film: Lured by an older man with promises of love and protection, 16-year-old Savannah Jones’ romantic expectations quickly fades as she finds herself trapped in the dark and devastating world of sex trafficking. Now called “Blondie,” she stumbles her way through the hierarchy of girls, as she is forced to perform sexual acts for the wealthy. In the end, her efforts for rescue are dashed along with her hope and innocence.

12:35 PM

Panel Discussion - Sex trafficking

12:35 PM - 1:30mins

Panel Discussion with the filmmakers and community organization concerning the raise is sex trafficking in the Carolinas.

2:00 PM

Believe In You

2:00 PM - 120Mins

International Film: “A music producer determined to help young talents with big dreams, crosses path with an estranged singer struggling to survive an abusive marriage.”

3:30 PM

Film Distribution in the New Normal

3:30 PM - 90mins

Workshop: “Where is the money Learn about the tradition and virtual distribution options in the new normal.

5:35 PM


5:35 PM - 20mins

Short Film: – When a destitute young woman stumbles upon a mosque one day, the leader of the establishment invites her to learn more about the faith. After falling for him, she converts to Islam and accepts his marriage proposal; but when things begin to go awry, she desperately questions if she can preserve the union.

6:00 PM


6:00 PM - 5mins

Black Women In Film – A young woman is faced with re-living her past through vivid dreams of different encounters surrounding colorism. Although years have passed by there is one act of colorism that she can’t forget.

6:15 PM


6:15 PM - 15mins

Short Film: The story follows Heru, an alien who travels to Earth from Jupiter to inform humans that they will experience an evolution within themselves. He goes to James, who is a very famous actor. Heru informs James about his species and what will happen to humans. Heru’s species were the ones who created humans in the image of themselves.

6:40 PM

Waking Up White

6:40 PM - 38mins

TV/WebSeries: A Black family wakes up White and has thirty days to decide if they would rather return to their cultural roots or stick with the “new skin” that they are in. As they awaken to their new identities, their old neighborhood is in the early stages of gentrification. Now, what every decision they make not only affects them but also their beloved community of Wellsville.

7:05 PM

Another Sunrise

7:05 PM - 14mins

Short Film: A hopeless romantic wrestles with emotions as he goes through the love cycle.

7:30 PM


7:30 PM - 20mins

TV/WebSeries: A funny and candid look at 3 Black male friends pursuing success and love in LA.

7:45 PM

Block 2 Filmmaker Q & A

7:45 PM - 45mins

Filmmakers Q & A: Block 2 Filmmakers Q & A

7:50 PM

Cool Black North

7:50 PM - 88mins

International Documentary: Cool Black North explores the unique and vibrant Canadian Black Community and its role in our country’s contemporary identity. Through a series of intimate profiles, we are witness to a wide spectrum of life experiences, including the arts, entertainment, law, business, science, and social activism. Though each person’s pathway to success is unique, they all share a common purpose and strength in overcoming often racially-based obstacles to succeed at the highest level in their respective fields. Tied together through their shared achievement

9:15 PM

Panel discussion with the cast and crew of Cool Black North

9:15 PM -

Panel Discussion:  The director, cast, and crew of Cool Black North ” Black Life in Canada”.

Block 3 Events

Tuesday June 14, 2020

12:00 PM

Beating the Odds

12:00 PM - 34mins

Documentary: Communities In Schools of Atlanta (CIS Atlanta) is a drop-out prevention program founded in Atlanta, GA in 1972. Our mission is to surround students with a community of support empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. This powerfully raw and emotional film follows the lives of two students from different backgrounds who faced non-academic barriers that presented challenges in reaching their fullest potential. CIS Atlanta employs staff called site coordinators who are embedded in local schools to offer needed resources to economically disadvantaged families and at-risk students in some of the poorest neighborhoods in metro Atlanta.

12:40 PM

Panel Discussion -Racial disparities in school discipline and our Black boys

12:40 PM - 50mins

Panel Discussion: Racial disparities in school discipline and our Black boys

2:00 PM

NC Film commissioner

2:00 PM - 45mins

Conversation with Beth Petty, Charlotte Film Commissioner on the film incentive program, and the state of film production in N.C.

5:00 PM

OUTSIDE - Daniel Laurent Music Video

5:00 PM - 5mins

Music Video: OUTSIDE – Daniel Laurent

5:10 PM

Denied Music Video

5:10 PM - 4 mins

Denied Music Video

5:20 PM

Moving On: Be Brave Enough to Walk Alone

5:20 PM - 5mins

Music Video: Moving On is an artistic visualization of an emotional separating when people that are not whole must learn to walk alone.Moving On:

5:30 PM

Emotional Terrorist Music Video

5:30 PM - 5mins

Emotional Terrorist Music Video

5:45 PM

Shah - Colors Music Video

5:45 PM - 3mins

Music Video – Shah – Colors

5:55 PM

C'est l'époch Music Video

5:55 PM - 4mins

International Music Video: C’est l’époch

6:05 PM

Don't Be a Sucka

6:05 PM - 8mins

Short Film: After a decade apart, two old friends, John and Brent reminisce over drinks and remember the good ole days of their past. As the drinks flow, Brent takes the opportunity to apologize for his family’s racist tendencies, revealing why their friendship became so estranged. When they switch from beers to something a little stronger, we learn that John’s true intentions weren’t just to catch up with an old friend.

6:20 PM

Beauty Mark

6:20 PM - 10mins

Short Film: A young woman struggles with the illusion that pain is love while trapped in an abusive marriage.

6:35 PM

Bad Web Series

6:35 PM - 17mins

TV/Web Series: Greg and Jessica get an unexpected visit from Ann Fidelity. LaTayvion plans a surprise party for Sassy Black Mama where sh*t hits the fan!

7:00 PM

LATASHA HARLINS: A Rose That Grew from Concrete

7:00 PM - 24mins

Short Film: The story of Latasha Harlins, a mild-tempered 15-year-old girl from South Central, struggles to find herself in a world where she must overcome the tragedy and heartbreaks of the past.

7:25 PM

Block 3 Filmmakers Q&A

7:25 PM -

Q & A: Block 3 filmmakers

8:30 PM

Conversation with the Cast of Black and Privilege

8:30 PM -

Breaking down the film Black and Privilege with Director Mark Harris and Cast.

Block 4 Events

Wednesday June 17

11:00 AM

The Diabetic You

11:00 AM - 93mins

Documentary: In 2011 celebrity chef and best selling author Charles Mattocks was shocked and frightened when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He realized how little he knew about the disease that claims the lives of millions each year. He set about to educate himself. What he learned shocked him even more than his diagnosis. The numbers were staggering. The need for education and inspiration was great. Fearing for his own life he embarked on a mission to share his story with the world, this would find him on the front line of a war, a war not only to save his life but the lives of many.

12:35 PM

Panel Discussion:

12:35 PM - 60mins

Panel Discussion: Diabetes and Covid-19 – the impact within the African American community.

2:00 PM

American Dream

2:00 PM - 20mins

Internation Short: Frustrated by the lack of opportunities for black people he had in France, Mickael has been living in the United States for the past 5 years. Proud of his success, he invited his little brother (Matthieu) to Chicago to convince him to try his luck here. Unfortunately, everything turns into a nightmare when they accidentally smash a white cop on the side of the road.

5:00 PM


5:00 PM - 7mins

Best of HBCU’s: Sean prepares for a low key date night at home, but his roommate has other plans.

5:15 PM

The Undergrad - webseries

5:15 PM - 20mins

TV/WebSeries: There’s more to college than just classes and exams. How will these five best friends navigate adult life and the hurdles it throws all while staying in school? When secrets are revealed will their friendship stand the test of time, or will it be broken?

5:40 PM

Something Bought Sense is Better Than short

5:40 PM - 12mins

Short Film: The forces of good and evil are depicted in this real-life drama between a mother and her daughter.

6:00 PM

Special Delivery

6:00 PM - 23mins

Black Women In Film: A wealthy housewife battles depression using a therapist with no help from her husband. One knock at her door changes everything.

6:30 PM


6:30 PM - 7mins

Short Film: Godspeed is a meditative film that explores the notions of personhood, faith, and intergenerational community. Poetry, music, and visuals converge to lead us through the life of a Black girl as she becomes a Black woman. As she is forced to make sense of the dynamic tension between the child she was and the woman she will be, she draws strength from the one person who knows her best: her mother.

6:45 PM


6:45 PM - 19mins

Black Women In Film: It is 2079. In the utopic haven of Biamara, a Coven of Black women who can conceive without men must consider denouncing one of their own when she chooses to defy the all-female code and self produce a male child.

7:10 PM

Congo Cabaret

7:10 PM - 14mins

Short Film: Welcome to the world of Claude McKay, a gay writer of the Harlem Renaissance whose racy 1926 novel, Home to Harlem, became the first best-seller published by a Black writer. When you have your glass of bootleg gin at the Congo Cabaret, you will witness a colorful underground world with lots of drama.

7:30 PM

Block 4 Filmmakers Q & A

7:30 PM - 23mins

Q & A with Block 4 Filmmakers

8:30 PM

Gotta Get Down To It

8:30 PM - 84mins

Feature Film: This ­story is a drama about Valerie Martin, a young college professor of African­-American descent, who works at Sedalia College, a small midwestern liberal arts school. When the college’s invitation to a controversial conservative speaker threatens to divide the campus, Val is pressured into introducing the speaker and serving as the public face of the event. Val tries to maintain her integrity and support her students effort to protest the speech while also keeping her job. When she discovers that trying to keep everyone happy may cost her more than she is willing to lose, she chooses a side.

BLock 5 Events

Thursday June 18, 2020

11:00 AM

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

11:00 AM - 20mins

Short Film: A wrongfully accused man must rely on a public defender to prove his innocence.

11:20 AM

Lens on the Criminal Justice System Panel

11:20 AM - 20mins

Panel Discussion: Lens on the Criminal Justice System Panel

1:30 PM

Life, Love & Lockup

1:30 PM - 23mins

Documentary: 10 Women came together to write a book about overcoming traumatic experiences including rape, domestic abuse, going to jail, and much more. This documentary is a glimpse into their stories

1:55 PM

Life, Love & Lockup Discussion

1:55 PM - 60mins

Panel Discussion: The relationship trauma of Love, Life, and Lockup.

2:30 PM


2:30 PM - 75mins

International Documentary: Every year, in the last 30 years, some of the greatest “legends” of Soul and R&B have performed at Porretta Soul in Italy — the most prestigious festival in Europe for this music. “A Soul Journey” is a film narrating some aspects of the intricate and delicate lives of these artists, and in particular, the artistic, human and emotional journeys to perform in such a small village “lost” in the Italian mountains. We look at the human aspects, the contrasts and paradoxes of these two very apart worlds. On one side, “stars” who have performed thousand times in each corner of the world, and on the other, a settlement in the Italian Apennine Mountains, between Bologna and Firenze, probably geographically renowned for its natural spas, which gets a “second life” every summer as Soul and R&B fanatics descend from various parts in Europe and Italy to witness a musical miracle, again.

5:00 PM

Black Mirror

5:00 PM - 4mins

Student Film: This film documents the struggle that young black males face in America. Featuring sound bites from James Baldwin, Ice Cube and Common, the film follows two young black boys as they wrestle with the labels placed on them,

5:10 PM

I Am A Man

5:10 PM - 15mins

Short Film: This film documents the struggle that young black males face in America. Featuring sound bites from James Baldwin, Ice Cube and Common, the film follows two young black boys as they wrestle with the labels placed on them,



5:30PM - 8mins

Short Film: Ambitious underdog, Darnel, will go great lengths to obtain respect. But he may lose more than that when he takes on notorious battle rapper Yung Ammo. With a bit of apprehension and a lot of courage, Darnel steps foot into the gangster rapper’s ring to claim the one thing he wants most.



5:45PM - 10mins

Short Film: An unhappy bachelor seeks the assistance of his state of the art technological system for a simple task, but he soon discovers its lack of support is detrimental to his relationship.

6:00 PM


6:00 PM - 30mins

Short Film: Based upon a true story, in a life and death struggle to survive, one boy must find the courage to break away from the darkness that imprisons him- in which his parents were arrested 121 times- to embark on a remarkable journey to freedom and to light to become Dr. Tommy Watson.

6:45 PM

Grandpa's Hands

6:45 PM - 15mins

Short Film: Grandpa’s Hands is a narrative short film about a young black professional, Jackson, who makes a rare visit with his Grandfather who resides in an underfunded senior care facility in Oakland, CA. Jackson struggles to connect with his Grandfather due to dementia. His Grandfather’s dementia echoes the pain of betrayal and racial discrimination when Jackson’s grandfather confronts an unwanted visitor from his past and present. The short film, Grandpa’s Hands is based on my last interaction with my own grandfather, Howard Colston Sr.

7:30 PM

Shameless women

7:30 PM - 13mins

TV/WebSeries: SEVEN MATURE WOMEN from different Baltimore backgrounds, with their own personal stories, are brought together one night a week by their love of disco music and the need to escape real life from time to time.

7:50 PM

Block 5 Filmmaker Q & A

7:50 PM - 35mins

Q & A  – Block 5 Filmmakers

8:30 PM

Discarded Things

8:30 PM - 107mins

Feature Film: Discarded Things’ follows the life of Grace Wyatt, an esteemed music professor whose life is disrupted by tragedy and alcoholism. When she finds herself thrown out of her lavish academic world and into the harsh reality of teaching at-risk youth, she begins to find emotional restoration as she gets to know the teens. Together, they offer each other support through the power of forgiveness and music.

Block 6 Events

Friday June 19, 2020


I AM a MAN Film and Panel Discussion

11:00AM - 120mins

Short Film: A short film about the troubles and struggles of fulfilling one’s potential as a man and a conversation discussion the challenger’s black man in the new normal.

1:00 PM

Our Land

1:00 PM - 13mins

International Short: Idris and Kojo are the two last survivors of a group of African refugees, who have inhabited Swedish woods for almost 10 years and lived independently. When they encounter a young boy named Stellan and a riskful friendship begins.

1:50 PM

Panel Discussion

1:50 PM - 80mins

Panel Discussion: What happens to our community if all promising, ambitious, and intelligent young girls are married off forcefully? Let’s talk about it.

1:15 PM


1:15 PM - 33mins

International Short: Njillan is one of the top students in her class, and has just been awarded a government scholarship to pursue secondary education. Excited to share this achievement with her family, she is welcomed with bad news: her father has given her away in marriage to Sengan, despite the protests and pleas from her mother. At her tender age, Njillan is forced to let go of her dreams and fulfill her marital duties.

3:30 PM

ABCs of Film Productions

3:30 PM - 80mins

Workshop: ABC of Film Productions this workshop will give details from script to screen. From your questions about the film production process.

4:00 PM

S.O.U.L of a Black Woman

4:00 PM - 20mins

International Short: S.O.U.L of a Black Woman is an Afrofuturism film split into four chapters each representing what it is to be a black woman. Each chapter is accompanied by its own original unique music and spoken word poetry which will take you through the passages of time.

5:00 PM

The Correct Thing: Palmer Memorial Institute

5:00 PM - 35mins

Documentary: Chronicle of the establishment of Palmer Memorial Institute by Dr. Charlotte Hawkins Brown in 1902 and closing in 1971. Over 2000 African Americans attended this iconic boarding school which was considered to be the gold standard in black education during its existence.

6:05 PM


6:05 PM - 6mins

International Short: Confined to the police interrogation room, a pair of wannabe criminals argue over who betrayed who when the loot goes missing.

6:20 PM

ORANGEBURG: A Town, A Team, An American Tragedy

6:20 PM - 20mins

Documentary: On February 6th, 1968, four years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, members of the South Carolina State College football team stood beside fellow students from the Historically Black College to protest an all-white bowling alley in the small town of Orangeburg, South Carolina. Their peaceful efforts to integrate the business provoked a violent response from local law enforcement, fueling rising tensions and culminating in a tragic confrontation between State Highway patrolmen and students on the college’s campus two days later. Three students were killed and more than 30 wounded, including many members of the SC State Bulldogs football team, in what would become known as the Orangeburg Massacre. This film retells the relatively unknown story of the Orangeburg Massacre from the point of view of several members of the college football squad who survived the slaughter and shines a light on athlete activism and police violence toward young black men, some 50 years after the events in Orangeburg.

6:45 PM

Untested Love

6:45 PM - 15mins

Short Film: Mya spends the day trying to contact her boyfriend, who is not responding. What started as a simple phone call turns into a life-threatening conversation.

7:10 PM

Sacrificing the Queen

7:10 PM - 12mins

Short: Under the guise of a truce meeting, two rival kingpins talk the street game over a game of chess. Neither knows what’s being plotted against them.

7:21:00 PM

Block 6 Filmmaker Q & A

7:21:00 PM - 40mins

Q & A: Block 6 Filmmaker Q & A

9:00 PM

The Council

9:00 PM - 114mins

Feature Film: In an era of crime, drugs, and violence, the streets of South Central Los Angeles walk in fear as the gangs, police and criminals take over. Four heroic men take matters into their own hands and bring a nightmare on the streets that they can’t wake up from. No justice, no peace and if peace is far out of reach, so will the idea of being a law-abiding citizen. The criminals leaned in the ear of the city and said a storm is coming, The Council leaned back and whispered…”WE ARE THE STORM!”

Block 7 Events

Saturday June 20, 2020


PITCH ME Competition

9:00AM - 3 hours

Pitch Me Competition – Bring your nest idea for a Film, TV, or Reality Show. Get Profesional feedback by Industry leaders and input from your peers.  A non-disclosure agreement will be signed by all participants.  The winner will be announced at the Red Carpet Vision Awards.

10:30 AM

Skin Im In

10:30 AM - 6mins

Student Film: An African American girl struggles with issues of her skin color and decides bleaching her skin is the solution to all her problems. Her mother catches her with the bleaching products and tries to prevent her from making the same mistake that she did.

10:45 AM

Run Little Boy

10:45 AM - 5mins

Student Film: Run Little Boy is a 2D animated short film following a young boy who must survive a nightmarish world systematically designed to kill him. The film references current social issues in America relating to police brutality and judicial misconduct. This film explores human responses to being mistreated and the distinctions between the victim and the aggressor. As elements threaten the boy’s life in the film, he quickly learns that he must be courageous in order to survive.

10:55 AM


10:55 AM - 6mins

Student Film: Jamila Barnes is bullied after being chosen to represent her fifth-grade class in the school-wide spelling bee because of her small stature.

11:10 AM


11:10 AM - 6mins

International Short: A white babysitter awaits the news of a job commission, meanwhile, she is pestered by the young black girl in her care requesting help with her homework. In the process of helping her, the babysitter discovers the little black girls’ bizarre understanding of race and how it differs from that of adults’.

1:00 PM

Adapting your book or Idea to Film

1:00 PM - 5mins

Workshop: Learn the steps to adapt your ideas into a film or TV show.

4:00 PM

Q & A with our Feature Film Filmmakers

4:00 PM - 80mins

 Q & A with our Feature Film Filmmakers

6:30 PM

Crow Hill: The Series (Block 7 Horror/Fantasy/Mystery)

6:30 PM - 12mins

TV/Web Series:”Crow Hill” is set in Brooklyn, New York, after an airborne pathogen is released and mutates citizens into crazed predators. Two stories unfold from the beginning of the infection to 1 year in.

6:50 PM

Ominous (Block 7 Horror/Fantasy/Mystery)

6:50 PM - 9mins

Short Film: After a night of celebrating her birthday, Tammie Miller is saddened about her mother’s death which happens to fall on the same day. After an emotional breakdown, she reflects on the bizarre events and strange behavior her father (Rev.Miller)exhibits every year on her birthday. Fed up with the secrets surrounding her mother’s death, Tammie finally confronts her father and the answers revealed are far more sinister than she could ever imagine.

7:00 PM

The Dark Strums (Block 7 Horror/Fantasy/Mystery)

7:00 PM - 15 mins

Short Film: A musician has been rumored to have sold their soul to learn how to play the guitar.

7:20 PM

Awry (Block 7 Horror/Fantasy/Mystery)

7:20 PM - 9mins

Short Film: (Rated R) – A wife upon learning of her husband’s affair is determined to get him back.

7:40 PM

Guilty (Block 7 Horror/Fantasy/Mystery)

7:40 PM - 15mins

Short Film: A disgraced cop is found not guilty for the murder of an innocent child. Now the ghost of the child is haunting him, to tell the truth.

8:00 PM

Block 7 Filmmakers Q & A

8:00 PM - 55mins

Q & A:  Block 7 Filmmakers


The Birth of Deceit (Block 7 Horror/Fantasy/Mystery)

9:00PM - 86mins

Feature Film: A peaceful town where all seems to be normal lies a dark cold secret that took the town by surprise as a couple befriended their neighbor/close friends, granddaughter for their own psychopathic needs. Which led to the main character, Ambar along with her friends fighting for their life.

Block 8 Events

Saturday June 21, 2020


CBFF Filmmaker Virtual Prayer Breakfast

10:00AM - 1hour

CBFF Filmmaker Virtual Prayer Breakfast:

1:00 PM

Women of Faith: Coping with Trauma

1:00 PM - 59mins

Black Women In Film: This mental health documentary takes an in-depth look into the lives of four women who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, but who also triumphantly find joy, hope, and peace through their faith in God and their community

2:00 PM

Panel Discussion: Women of Faith: Coping with Trauma

2:00 PM - 59mins

Panel Discussion: Black Women In Film: Listen to women who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, but who also triumphantly find joy, hope, and peace through their faith in God and their community.

3:00 PM


3:00 PM - 16mins

Documentary: The film Girl Dads takes an intimate look into the special bond a father has with his daughters. Every man anticipates the opportunity to have a son that he can refer to as his mini-me and train to walk in his footsteps… but a man’s life will change as soon as he looks into the eyes of his baby girl for the first time. What does being a Girl Dad look like? This documentary is designed to explore all of the possibilities.

3:15 PM

Girl DADS Panel

3:15 PM - 16mins

Panel Discussion: Listen as fathers and daughters share the bond and experience. If your daughter or father is no longer here bring a picture and share it in the celebrations.

6:30 PM

CBFF Red Carpet Experience

6:30 PM - 30 mins

 Red Carpet Pre-Show:  On Instagram LIVE!!


Red Carpet Vision Awards

7:00PM - 30 mins

 Red Carpet Vision Awards:  The Virtual Award Show of the Year as we celebrate the best in film with celebrity Host, DJ Khaos, Guest Presenters, and More. WE will broadcast on zoom and Facebook LIVE with the winners interviewed immediately on Instagram LIVE.


The Winner's Circle on Zoom

9:00PM - 30 mins

 The Winner’s Circle: Where we celebrate the winners of the 10th annual Charlotte Black Film Festival.